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Originally posted by Scales Zoo
Good post Trevor and Ryan, it is posts like yours, about posts like Upscaleboas, about posts from ssnakess members that makes this site rock!

haha good one

Originally posted by Dragons & Balls
I would like to ask people is I deserved this nasty letter? All I was trying to do was make sure you guys were getting your money's worth.

I honestly can't believe that you have the audacity to start a thread pertaining to a film of this nature and believe the thread has nothing to do with religion!!!! Are you completely mad? What could possibly possess you to do this? Epiphany? Rapture? Demonic possession perhaps?

I've already filed a complaint with the adminstrators and you can expect the deletion ASAP. If you want to subscribe to some pathetic, desperate system of beliefs then suit yourself, but don't EVER think about waiving it in the faces of others capable of formulating opinions of their own.

Obviously I misjudged you.
wow.. i think that i would be asking the same questions as to why this person would write such a letter...demonic possession perhaps?

I would love to see this movie, i was supposed to see it tonight actually but couldnt make it after work. I heard that it was pretty graphic, but one of the best movies that some people had seen, and thats coming from people aged 16-19.
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