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BAd, Bad day

Well today started out great, i was playing with my twin girls had no cares in the world. decided it was time to go do a check on some of the reptiles and do any spot cleaning that would surely need to be done.
When i came to one of the gravid boas... Well... I was suddenly in a very bad mood. There were 52 slugs and one odd looking slug. Now what makes this even more mading is the femal was a ladder-tail and striped tail meaning from a little past mid body she had the ladder tail look but the last 12 inches of her was a soild strip. The dad was an Albino with lots of coral in him. So this means i was going to have some dam nice hets.
I still have one more female and hope she is ok, last time she gave me 42 babies so i can only hope. she to was bred to the Albino male.
Oh the joys of reptiles
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