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Just to clarify: The original Damien (if ever there was another) was a retic. Before, Jake didn't use to refer to his snakes by any particular name, it was only after he had a feud with this guy - Bad News Brown ,wich had pet rats, that Jake threw his (then) famous words : You and your rats are only prey for the snake! You wanna fear something?! fear DAMIEN...
From there Jake started to use mostly burms. He had feuds with Earthquake, Rick Martel and later, the Undertaker. His snake was now named Lucifer and was played by one (or more) burm(s). I have all this on tape, trust me...
Matt, i can assure you that "Damien" was a retic. I have magazines from that time with pics of Jake holding the snake and it being refered to as Damien.
Another thing, i'm with Sunrunner. Jake was a pionner with snakes and, in many ways, helped to create the herp craze. I don't think he treated snakes that bad...
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