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Mousekilla, I have to apologize - I came off sounding a lot nastier than I intended.

Basically, provides certain services to us for free. But for those people who would like more, they can pay for it and thus support the site. The thing is, that money goes towards the site. I don't know if things are different now, but last I checked the site still wasn't supporting itself. Any money paid for those services go towards keeping the site going, and that is it.

The bottom line is that we all love this site, but it is unfortunately expensive to run. I like the way they raise money. The T-shirts, photo-space and banner ads...the stuff is useful, but you aren't forced to pay for it.

I think your deffinition of business and what this site is are a little too black and white. This site is not a charitable organization and I don't think they have ever claimed to be so. It is also not a retail business.

It is an online community, and that can include sales and purchases, including from the site itself. You are free to donate to the site to keep it going, or you can get something for that money. That way you get something you can use, and also help in keeping the site running.
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