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I've had the same problem with ImageStation... not sure why.

If not for the sales pitch I would have left this alone but I don't know why anyone would pay for a service that is commonly offered for free elsewhere. Why not have a sSnakeSs search engine that we can all pay to use instead of the free ones out there?LOL!

If the site needs money then maybe it should look at selling something you can't get free somewhere else. This site has now captured the interest of something like 4,000 (?) registered users, talk about an advertising opportunity! If there is any money to be made (or even recovered), that's where it is. What better place is there for breeders to access their potential customers? What better place for vendors to show off their products?

I know the site already sells banner ads and whatever else but when there is this constant push to buy a service from the site that can be easily acquired elsewhere for free I have to wonder if they're charging enough for their ad space. I don't know for sure that's the case but I do know that trying to support a site or anything else buy attempting to sell things that are free elsewhere will be about as successful as a business that tries to sell those AOL CDs or samples of TIDE you get in the mail.
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