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Question Need to find herp vet...

Hey everyone,
I am looking for a herp vet in Ontario. After the unexplained death of a hatchling borneo blood python 2 years ago I started looking but never found one that was satisfactory.

I need one that is excellent and knows how to treat/deal/test for the following:

surgical procedures
IBD and related serious or fatal diseases
eggbound snake/lizard
broken bone
severe respiratory infection
severe Stomatitis

Also one that I can purchase deworming and other medication from, I haven't found anywhere else to purchase deworming meds and I would like to give everyone a routine treatment soon.

With the next hatching season fast approaching I want to have all boids tested for IBD even tho none show any signs. I heard you can test for it, is that true? I do not want to breed any carriers and so prior to the next breeding season I want to have everyone checked. That way I don't have to euthanize an innocent hatchling.

I take breeding very seriously and since this year looks promising I want to produce completely healthy offspring.

Please let me know, of any that you have personally dealt with that was excellent with your herps. Does not matter where they are located in Ontario, I will find a way there.

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