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Well I must admit I am still a huge wrastlin' fan. Jake was one of my favourites (and still is next to Undertaker). I don't like the idea of throwing snakes around either, and that's because I know how timid they are (for the most part). Damien was a burm and so was Lucifer. If I remember correctly, the original Damien (and this is going back to when he first showed up in the old WWF) was a Boa Constrictor. He must have upgraded to a burm when the checks came in more regularily. The only other snakes I remember him bringing to the ring was a big albino cobra of some sort. Can't be sure, I was pretty young at the time. It bit the Macho Man.

I read an interview alittle while ago on Jake. He's weird, in and out of recovery all the time. Not that that's a bad thing, but his attitude towards it seems bad. He hates WWE, and seems to have a big resentment against Vince, so I doubt we'll see him there again. He owns a wrestling school now in England.
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