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Originally posted by JimmyDavid
I guess the whole story is fake because they even mention the burm's name was "damien". Now, Damien is no longer used by Jake and, in fact, Damien was a retic. Some years ago they arranged a plot where Earthquake was suposed to squash Damien (all make believe, of couse). From that moment on, Jake got another big snake "Lucifer". I don't know if that's the snake they are talking about.
Those were good old times...i lived in Toronto back then.
Perhaps you could send me the story you got where they mention the name 'Damien'.. If this Burms name IS Damien, is it not possible that he could have just named a new snake 'Damien'??

Also, for as far back as i can remember, the only LARGE constrictor Jake Roberts ever used was a Burm, i don't remember him ever bringing a Retic into the ring.. Perhaps we can get Chuck to post on this topic, im sure he will know if Jake ever used a Retic.. (I could be wrong, but im sure it was always a Burm)
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