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Hummm just read the reply part of an idiot on the bottom.....

WTF is he doing? He wants the reptile importation to be banned.... In case he didn'T know, stop importing and you will also eventually end up without anymore reptiles...

If there are no more imports, pet stores will not sell reptiles anymore, and all the blood lines will be the same so 15 years down the road, we will end up with health problems on reptiles, either emunity systems that are weakened or apparent physical problems...

Anyhow, I will sign the petition, but that dumbass signs the petition saying he is for the banning...

Recent Discussion:
Reptile Education: "I am the proud owner of 4 healthy captive bred chameleons. I agree that reptiles should no longer be imported. Besides it being proven that captive bred reptiles live longer than wild caught reptiles, there is tons of info via the internet on the cruel and inhumane way these creatures are shipped and kept as "prisoners" sometimes being shipped 50 in a bag with no oxygen holes or food and water. It disgusts me that you would rather have these gorgeous creatures captured and tortured than to breed them and let the wild reptiles live in peace. "
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