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Illegal to keep snakes........

Just cruising through my local bylaws for the City of Barrie...I posted the laws below. Says that it's illegal to have Pythons or Boas...... I can see that they don't want the average person owning an elephant or a bear, but come on......Funny how they left out milks, kings, and corns......Good thing Im only here for college, they can honk on bobo!!!! EXOTIC ANIMALS No person shall own, harbour, possess, keep, sell or offer for sale any animal listed below as a pet or for any other
purpose or for any period of time. a) all non-human primates (such as gorillas and
monkeys) b) all felids, except the domestic cat c) all canids, except the domestic dog d) all mustelids (including but not limited to skunks,
weasels, otters, badgers, etc. but not including the
domestic ferret) e) all marsupials (including but not limited to
kangaroos and opposums) f) all bats g) all ursids (bear) h) all hyaenas i) all snapping turtles j) all elephants k) all snakes of the families pythonidae and boidae l) all poisonous or venomous snakes
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