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Originally posted by norman
This may sound dumb, but maybe you should consider a girlfriend for your beardie. Watching them interact is the most interesting thing. I sit and watch my guys for hours, it's hilarious. You don't truly appreciate how freakin' funny a beardie is, until you get one of the opposite sex....Anyway, I know you're looking for a good hefty snake....but seriously........HIL-AR-I-OUS!!! Plus, you'll get eggie weggs..............that's so exciting! Anyway man, just thought I'd throw in my 2 cents!!
We can't have another Beardie. Our BD is a female and handicapped. She didn't get the calcium she needed from the breeder and she has Metobolic Bone disease. We were told that it was best not to get another BD even if it's a another female. With her being handicapped even another female can pick on our BD. Thanks for the suggestion.
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