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I think that it was obviously a "Evil" or "bad" alter. Locks of hair the most common thing used when doing a "hex" or "bad spell" personal items and such were the next common thing to use.
On the contrary, not all "evil", "bad", etc altars used hair and other personal items. I can give you many Altar variations that use blood and aren't bad. It all depends on the practicioner, not the tools. Tools are just a channel. I know many reputable Pagan practicioners who use blood and hair because that's what feels right to them. They could be doing healing prayers.

Using something physical from a person gives the practicioner something to focus on, whether it's hair, a photo, blood, etc.

sapphire_moon, many Pagans experience just what you keep getting defensive about. Everyone has their different beliefs and until things happen to a person individually, they will stick to their beliefs until they die, don't take offence to anyone saying it's a hoax or cool or funny. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

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