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Holy scary Batman! The most scary part is the old women hag that everyone sees. I watched a show just recently where an old hag women was appearing in peoples dreams & would choke them & beat them. This would happen with others in the room watching helplessly as the victim was abused from beyond. The witnesses saw what appeared to be an invisible being literally strangling etc. the victim right in front of them as they watched helpless. This "hag" had numerous references to it through out the history of the area, somewhere in England I think, & had been messing with people for centuries. I think they tied it all back to some old witch back in the 16th or 17th century. The amazing part was all these people had such similar violent experiences of this hag holding them down & choking them, leaving bruises cuts & scrapes as physical evidence to the assaults. She, the hag, would sometimes appear with another evil spirit who would try to force itself sexually apon victims as well holding them down on their bellies trying to rape them. The funny thing is the more they invesigated the more people that came out with similar horrifing experiences. The more stories they heard the more they all started sounding the same. I have heard other tales of other evil spirits trying to rape people etc. as well leaving behind actual physical evidence of their actions. I'm not too religous myself, but I do beleive their are things at work in this world that we don't know or understand & probably never will. I beleive that life has its balances & for every good force at work that there is an equally powerful force of evil to balance it out. People mock what they can't or refuse to understand. I myself have a hard time believing things without scientific proof, but these evil beings don't nessicarily follow the laws of nature or man now do they. People can believe what they want, but there is some extreme evil lurking out there & until someone experiences it personally they will never relate. We who sit back & mock these people should consider ourselves lucky that we have never been exposed to such evil & hopefully never will be. Just because it is beyond our pitiful grasps of reality, doesn't mean that this evil doesn't exist. Anyhow they should have buried it with her as she requested. This old woman was probably saving us all from some evil she had learned to contain, only to have it released upon others by fools. Mark
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