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Im not "scared" of anything but the one reptile that REALLY intimidates me and no offence to anyone but I really dislike green iguanas ALOT. They also intimidate me cause i have had a 5ft iggy(1 ft of tail missing), 15lbs, chase me 30ft through a pet store I occasionally volunteer at. I have held 10" - 4ft iggys about 6-10 times but that was for cleaning purposes. Also, a really funny thing is i absolutely HATE hampsters. I know they are not a herp but i would rather hold almost any herp than a hampster. I swear they are out to get me.

On the other hand, i do have a very good respect for any herps. I will always act accordingly. The biggest herp i have held was probably a 9ft, 40lb albino burm(he was a BEAUTY). I was about 10 and this thing was pretty big for me at the time but i was in no way scared. I was probably abit timid but not really scared. This was at a Snake Farm in New Braunfels, Texas(right beside san antonio). They also had i think I 23ft(not sure on sizes) female green annaconda and 15ft male. The female was pregnant but they let me touch the male. It was pretty sweet. I was again not scared but i knew the strength this things had and was very respecful of it. So there yah go. I kid that would love a 25' retic but not a hampster! HAHAHA. I actually laugh at myself for that. I think im very weird. LOL.

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