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Originally posted by Wuntu Menny

Sorry kids, I'm seething with rage right now. Chill out...I think not. The only thing offending me more than the fact that the film was made is the fact that its found its way here.
I'm as much against the film as you, but movie discussions are permitted on the site as long as they adhere to the TOS, which albeit will be a tough one here, but so far so good. As long as it sticks to the actual movie, and not discussin the religious aspects of it, then there is nothing wrong. If you don't like it, nobody is forcing you to partake in it, or even read it for that matter, skip ahead to something else that would be better time spent for you, it's a big enough site with more than enough threads

Originally posted by Cruciform
Unless CNN has untouched video showing the strikes, I'd be disinclined to take it as anything more than clever PR.
I didn't hear of the strike on CNN, but rather in an interview with the guy that played jesus on another channel during commercial or something. So unless he is lying that he himself was hit...
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