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Wow, that is some truly scary ****!!! True or not, its scary. And to tell you the truth, things like that are about the only thing that scare me cause you cant get rid of them. I'd rather try snowboarding off a 100ft cliff and not land it than get something like that. I know people will go through alot of trouble to do something like that but jeez. Actually, it has just come back to my mind, when i was younger(7 or 8) I would have dreams. I would be lying in my bed in my room. my room was wrapped in chainlink fence and there would be a jungle and war zone all around me. War gurus would come and beat me up or shoot me. I dont know why i had these dreams(probably just cause i was young, lol) but I could not and still cant relate it to anything. Also, a year or two ago, I used to have dreams of high speed trains rushing straight at me. These happened, always between 5:00PM and 5:00AM and i wasnt always sleeping. Besides the train things i havent had a nightmare for probably 3-4 years. Kind of strange. Thats funny it actually sold. If it goes up for sale again, people will probably start to wonder.

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