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x-files nothing, I don't know much of any jewish religion but I try to study up on different religions and it looks like a freakin portable alter table of some sort to me!


after reading it and reading what was inside the "cabinet" I think that it was obviously a "Evil" or "bad" alter. Locks of hair the most common thing used when doing a "hex" or "bad spell" personal items and such were the next common thing to use.
And I do believe alot of it is still in practice today.
Regardless of which religion it is/was from things like this can cause real problems. And make real marks on physical human body.

This is why we NEVER buy used furiniture/appliances (washer, dryer, refridgerator etc...) of any kind (unless bought new by a friend/relative and given to us).

Like I said, I don't believe it's a religious thing, when a spirit is evil it don't care if you belive in the Holy Trinity or a Welsh God.
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