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Originally posted by Bichiraddict

I must admit that I was disappointed in the lack of leopard gecko's, and thought some of the prices on assorted herps were very expensive. All in all though, it wasn't bad, just not the best that I've been too. I am looking forward to the next one, very much so.
i have to agree, i was looking forward to the show, and i went there, i saw a drawf chameleon, and there was one elft i was like awwww dam, i asked the guy how much it was $150!!!!!!!!!!ya right! i walked for 5 mins n the show, and i saw a guy with 8 of the little guys i was like awww hes sooooooo lucky, they were the cutest thing ever ugh. I went there looking for leopard geckos, looked at all of them and they were 40-500 bucks estimating. I was hoping to see more, cause at the last show i saw tons, but there wasnt as much at this show, but i did get one, i went there at 12, and everything seemed to be gone lol, but other then that i enjoyed it

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