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Well, it was quite the adventure for me. I live roughly 2.5hrs away from the location. All was going well, met a fellow aquarium fan ( Hi Roger ) who was kind enough to give me a BUNCH of plants, did some browsing, many gorgeous snakes Went out to my truck to hook the cell up to the antennae to make a call, got out and proceeded to lock my keys in the truck

OMG, I was soooooo ticked. So I asked my new friend to try to help me ( what a first meeting LOL ), to no avail. I asked another friend, and at that point I was ready to come back in the show and YELL 20 bucks for whoever can open my truck LOL. Luckily, he got it open....thank you thank you thank you.

That done with, back to enjoy the show.

I must admit that I was disappointed in the lack of leopard gecko's, and thought some of the prices on assorted herps were very expensive. All in all though, it wasn't bad, just not the best that I've been too. I am looking forward to the next one, very much so.

I had to skip the bar scene as I was driving....need to resist temptation LOL.

After checking out a couple stores, me and the friend I had with me headed home. Rolled down my window for a bit of fresh air,

the stupid window would NOT go back up

We drove 2.5hrs to my friends house, then I had to drive another 40mins or so, home.....all with the WINDOW down.

I was soooooooooooo not impressed.

Ok, ya'll can laff at me know
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