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Talking How Did You All Like The Expo?

I don't think this thread has been started yet, because I've been searching and searching for it.

How did everyone enjoy the expo? I had a hell of a great time (yes even with the car accident)

After the car accident and posting about it on here, Jay (Kurzix) called me because he thought I was in Mississauga already and I told him what had happened. My aunt told me to get my butt on a bus and have him meet me there so I'm not alone in downtown Toronto at 10:00pm.

So he met me and it was all taken care of.

So the day of the expo, Jay and I went with my old friend from here who now lives in Toronto. I was all excited and happy to have made it regardless of the accident. Everyone who had read my car accident post gave their sympathies and were very nice.

I called mom when I realized how much I actually like Tarantula's, thanks to Jen at Arachnomania, and she wouldn't allow me to get one. But I got to hold them a number of times lol

I also fell in love with a Children's Python at the reptile store and held my first tree boa at the pcpc table. I've been contemplating getting an ATB for a bit now and really wanted to see what it's like to handle one and maybe get bitten. I didn't get bit and was pretty nervous but it was great.

The bar time was great too Went to dinner with Pete, Beejay, Jay and Jen and enjoyed that aswell. This was my first time not having to rush or anything because of non-herp lovers around me.

I only bought a probe kit and two books. But the time spent in Toronto was amazing I can't wait until the next expo, I'm counting the days.

How was everyone elses trip?

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