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You need to get a hold of the city coucillors in person. Don't e-mail or use your computer. Open up your phone book and find out the phone numbers for your mayor and coucil. Phone them up and talk to each one in person. Find out who are the losers who would stand against you and who are the ones who are a bit on your side. There are always a few of both and then a few in the middle. Talk to each one and try to get across the reasons why this by-law needs changing. Always be reasonable and always have good sound reasoning. Dont just say it isnt fair, say its not logical because there are plenty of harmless snakes that are banned by the bylaw and you feel that, though regulation is a good thing perhaps some adjustments could be made to make a compromise so all sides could be happy. Tell them that you know a lot about reptiles and could be a guide to helping them come up with better guidelines as it is obvious that the person who did previously did not really know much about snakes and probably just picked an arbitrary size that sounded good. If you find certain councillors really open to what you say ask to meet them for lunch face to face so you can discuss it further. Ask them how you will go about getting the by-law changed and they can tell you how. Basically you will have to go to a council meeting and make a proposal but that should be done after you have had chats with everyone because you dont get much of an opportunity to convince them in a meeting and it will be all your out of the meeting discussions that will tip the scales so to speak.

Good luck
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