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No pain no gain LOL I think that most of the swelling is due to the fact that its your foot & that you spent lots of time on your feet since its been done. Try to keep barefoot & if you keep it elevated will help also. Remember that the more you walk around etc. the more your foot will probably swell. If it makes ya feel any better I just got "drilled on" for 3.5 hours yesterday on my shin/ankle area & was limping pretty good last night. Today its great though, no swelling or nothing. Mind you I kept off it as much as possible & kept it elevated most of the evening. I wouldn't worry about the swelling unless it looks like an secondary infection is setting in & then I would consider a doctor as infections that end up being blood oriented travel through the body fast! I think that most of it is probably due to the sensitive area & the fact that you spent a lot of time on your feet instead of resting after. Slow down girl & relax, let that sucker heal, LOL. Good Luck Mark
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