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Magic Herp Breeding Program

I was thumbing through the last reptiles magazine (with the leaf-tail on the cover) and came to an advertisement for a "free" reptile report. It is from a guy named Eric Nelson. I couldn't find any info about him on the web. Here are some quotes:

"It's so simple it's embarrasing," he says ... And he INSISTS he can quickly teach his simple secrets to YOU ... unlocling the vault to huge money-making rare lizard sales opportunities to hungry buyers all over the world!"

"How to breed easier and faster with 300% better results... Guaranteed!"

"How to triple the money you make in just two seasons!"

"How to cut care costs by 50% right now and 75% in three months or less!"

"Double your sales at your next expo Guaranteed!"

So, I am skeptical as you may have noticed. Have any of you ever heard of this guy or his "program?" His website is a dead link and I called the number (to see how much he was going to charge for his "free" report) and he just said some of the things I read in the article and asks you to send in your name, address, fax, and email so he can get back to you. Just curious what you guys think.
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