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Had a great time at the show! Was awesome meeting everyone ... yes, I actually got over my shyness long enough to meet people this time

Wasn't supposed to buy anything... but did of course. LOL. Got a gorgeous female black variable king off of Joe -- Thanks Joe! She's awesome, I can't wait to actually bring her home with me... lol... Now I just need to fine a nice male to pair her up with, and I'll be all set for next year

And a big thank you to Matt for looking after her for me until the weather warms up a bit so I can get her shipped out to me! You rock... Hopefully I can beg him nicely into taking a couple pics for me after she sheds so I can show her off

Anyways -- had a great time, great meeting everyone... and hopefully I can make it out to another show later this year to do it all again!
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