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I got a cheeseburger... :flick:

All I went for was to trade some feeders for a snakie, but the snakie forgot to be packed so I get her sometime this week... went to give my breeder pair of spiny mice a new home with Silke (I'll miss my little babies, I've had them for around 4 years... Mike is happy they are gone because he doesn't have to deal with them playing while he is trying to sleep... but I know they are in a great home)... went to sell my '02 female Ball Python, had people interested all the way even as we were walking back to the car in the parking lot but I still brought her home -> come on people! you won't find another like her for only $100! I also bought picked up some mealies for my sister... I was dissapointed that did not make it out... I was hoping to pick up some waxies, butters, and silks, as well as my sister had wanted me to pick some up for her as well. Well, this is the first show that I never bought anything... and this is also the first show that Mike and I didn't eat something (anytime we go together we always end up eating bugs or something else).

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I thought they lived a relatively long time? Like longer than crickets did? I've never used them though, so you couldn't fill a thimble with my silkie knowledge, ha ha!
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