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thanks to three people and a photo of a new gecko from the show

Went to the show today! Yay! Had a good time, wasn't there long though as I had a friend with me and didn't want to force him to stay long *LOL*

Anyways I saw my AMAZING acrylic cage from Understory Enterprises. I can't thank them enough because it ROCKS. Too bad it's at Matt_K's house right now My friend said "oh it will fit, no problem" and what happened? It was literally half an inch too big for his car. So Matt was nice enough to take it home with him after the show and lug it into his house until I can come get it :w :w . If Matt wasn't there I would have been screwed, really. Thanks man. You rule and I owe you And Understory Enterprises rules because the cage was better than I expected. it's just amazing, and I can't wait to get my GTP in it.

Thanks to PCPC also for this amazingly cute female Golden male Wee is going to be a happy gecko this year finally! She is totally cute, and living in a five gallon for a couple weeks to make sure everything is all good. Pics:

p.s. those circle thermometers suck....i dont rely on them at all anymore. They are really stuck on tanks though. Good for size idea:
<img src="">
Temporary house pic...she will be moving into a large tank or custom enclosure soon.
<img src="">

The only thing that wasn't good was not getting to see Clownfishie as I had to leave earlier than expected. I am sorry Clownfishie! I suck. I hope everyone had a great day today, and I can't wait until the "new show" in April.


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