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I know Trev, I know. This is something that happens. My only thought is...this adult greyband was new to me and maybe it was used to an open water dish and got confused with the hole in the middle and circled itself to death. This was a very rare event. The water level was just high enough to come to the top.

Jeff: To tell you the truth, i have different size holes in every water dish lid. It depended on the cut with the blade. Some were big and some were smaller but not to small. The diameter of the hole was twice that of the grey band and i guess it should have been wider. Lesson learned. I also use aspen for all my colubrids and it soaks up the water good.

Mild: The lids are used mostly for rack systems where you pull the enclousure out of the rack. Water spills over the side of the water dish. The lid prevents the spillage.

jfmoore: I use a varity of containers for my water dishes. This one happened to ba a Glade Sandwich Container. The on with the see-through blue lid. It is tight fitting and the snake would not be able to push it off if that was what you were asking. It would not have any leverage i would think.


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