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Okay .. my collection has grown a bit since the last time we did this.

1.0 ball python (soon to be 1.1)
1.1 mexican black kingsnake (okay .. these are my daughters, but it makes the list more impressive)
1.1 red eyed tree frogs
4.2 zebra finches
0.3 stick bugs ( and 200+ eggs)
1 mantis ootheca soon to hatch (I hope)
200 or so silkworms .. soon to be 20,000 or so silkworms

And upstairs my sister has:

1.1 normal leopard geckos
0.3 carrot tail leos
0.2 Dendrobate Leucomela
about 50 billion waxworms

And you know you're an addict when you have as many critters as Linds does. Especially with so little space. lol.
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