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Sweet! But i wouldn't do that cause i hate it when i get calls during supper(minimum 1 a night between 5-9). I have to get up, answer the phone, listen to someone pronouce my dads or moms last name wrong(always, i have only heard 1 person in 4 years pronounce it right), then give the phone to them, sit down again, and listen to this person blabber, then my parents say thanks but no and bye and hang up. It gets really annoying. My mom sometimes gets 2 calls a night. LOL. Sorry for my blabbering, and sorry if i offended any tellemarkerters out there, its just kinda annoying im sure you know.


BTW. Thanks for the age invictus, I never got a straight answer out of anyone. Maybe I will try to get hired at the zoo in Edmonton. Man i live soooo close, like about 800m down the hill and im at the zoo. HAHA. I already did some volunteering there. Its like a work camp. Does anyone have a guess if the zoo would hire me to shovel poop or clean cages? LOL. I dont mind it i work at my uncles goat farm sometimes. 70 goats = alot of crap. LOL. and food use.
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