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Symptoms-Please Help

Lately my 18mth Amel Corn snake seems to be different. Ive noticed it seems to be different, but I can't put my finger on the problem. On the scales on his midsection look ... strange It looks almost as if his skin is creased. I can see a fold on the surface but it dose'nt look like the scale is damaged. Also on 4 scales on random areas near his head, the very tip of the receding edge is browned. It used to be a great feeder, 2 - 3 sub-adut mice each week, but the last 4 feedings it dosent seem interested in mice at all. the last 4 times i offered food over a 1 month period, it only accepted once. Ive offered F/T & Fresh Killed. Sorry for the long list, just wanteed to make sure i havent forgoten anything

If any one can offer suggestions, it would be appreciated.

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