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Cool Help Me Choose My Next Reptile

Hey guys, I need your help. I need a new snake. The problem is, I have a crapload of snakes already! I am looking for something that is somewhat of a departure from all my current reptiles. I considered getting a license and going to some hots, but I decided I could use about 20 years of mentor experience before I make the leap. I am considering a Pine.... What do you think?
Here is a list of my current stock:
2- Macklots
1 Argentine X Boa
1 Col Red Tail
2 Royal Python
1 White Sided Bull
1 Spotted Python
1 Hogg Island
1 Brazilian Rainbow
1 Coastal Carpet
1 Jungle Carpet
1- D' Albert's
1- Amazon Tree Boa
2 Cal Kings
2 Tx Rat (1 Leu.)
1 Savu
1 Yellow Rat
1- Gopher

2 Geckos
1 Beardie
1 Wife
1 Girlfriend... (oops)
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