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For those that cant make the expo February 22nd....

For those that dont make it to the February 22nd Expo....

Since the inception of the Toronto Reptile Expo I have always knew with the right group of vendors, breeders and retailers it would grow and grow. I have strived to offer to the many herpers an event that would help them explore the Herpetoculture Hobby and share their interests and experiences with others that enjoy the same love and interests. I always wanted to offer a facility that could offer a large open space for vendors and attendees to experience the many new reptiles and reptile related products offered in Canada. It is with great excitment and anticipation that I announce the "Ontario Reptile Expo" is moving to a new and larger facility. An event for all of Ontario' anf eastern Canada's reptile lovers to enjoy. A Reptile Expo's dream facility.

April 18th 2004
2185 Stavebank
St Jons Hall Mississauga
9 am to 4pm
Admission $5.00 for adults and Seniors and Children $4.00

<img src="">

For the attendees they will be welcomed to a facility that is over 15,000 square feet of vendor space. The facility boasts parking for over 250 cars that is absolutely FREE!. (Woohoo no more parking tickets). This facility is a wheelcahir and stroller accessible facility.

With over three times the present space for vendors we are expecting and are allready booking a large number of new vendors. Many of these vendors have attempted to particpate in the past few expos but do to space restrictions we have been unable to accomodate them. Now with this facility we will have no problem accomodating many new and all of our regular vendors.

Some of the new vendors can be found on our Expo website. They include exotic plant distributors, cage builders, book dealers, breeders, Reptile Exhibits and educators. Each vendor will be offered a space of a trade show booth 10 feet wide with an eight foot table.

An area will also be offered to keepers that wish to offer the sale of their small numbers of reptilesand or items. Keepers that wish to sell or trade one or upto ten items can rent a half table here to sell or offer for trade their respective items. This will hopefully offer many keepers the opportunity to sell their items without walking around the facility all day trying to spark an interest in their items or participating in parking lot transactions.

The new facility also offers us the ability to once again introduce talks by guest speakers. This area of the expo I have always felt was an important part of any event. During the past years I have allowed it to slip mainly do to the present facility's small lecture space. This new location allows us to offer seating for over 200 to take in talks from some of their fellow herpers from Canada and the US. This is included in the price of admission These talks will take place through out the day during the Expo. I believe for first Expo I have put together with the help of our good friend Corey Woods a stunning line up of speakers. Each talk will be approx 45minutes in length. The talks will include a slide show and question and answer period.

11:00 am BAZ speaking on Crocodilians or his Galapogas Trip
12:00 pm Wes Papineau speaking on his Newt efforts
1:00 pm Ralph Davis of Ralph Davis Reptiles speaking on Ball Pythons Morphs up and coming and a Question and Answer forum
2:00 pm Neil Meister speaking on his Uroplatus Experiences
<img src="">

I really do believe this is an awesome line up of speakers for the first event at the new home of the Ontario Reptile Expo.

Many thanks goes out to the many friends that have helped this event achieve this level.

From now until the actual show date I will be adding more and more exciting events to the first Ontario Reptile Expo. Please check the official expo website from time to time I will also be hosting an auction to help fundraise for the many conservation groups that have participated in the event since its inception in 1990!

I hope to see everyone at the Ontario Reptile Expo on April 18th.
If you would like more information regarding this please feel free to contact me at 905 274 8018 or

Grant Crossman

<img src="">
This picture shows the front drive up and kiss and ride.

<img src="">
This is the north side fo the main room that shows a fabulous glass wall too allow much needed day light to really view your future reptiles in tehir natural colours

<img src="">
The upper level is the amiptheatre whcih overlooks the main floor. Seating will allow 200 plus to listen to the many sepakers lined up for each event.

<img src="">
The main floor, the ampitheatre and the secondary floor. What an amazing site it will be too see so many herpers in one room.

<img src="">
If everyone could just get along this world would be better for all living things.
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