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Unhappy No Show...

Well mom, myself, auntie and my cousin got up at 5:00am to get to Mississauga for this weekends show. An hour into the trip, we slid on some slush and got into a bad accident. Mom was driving which is better than if I was driving, we both have G2's but the insurance is under me. No one was too badly hurt, the other persons car escaped with one car is ruined. It'll cost probably $6000 to fix if I try to avoid insurance, plus we'll have to pay that other woman's damages to again, avoid insurance. Just thought I'd share that horrid piece of news...I was looking forward to alot of things this weekend, now I get to look forward to an enormous bill that will take me at least 4 months of strictly saving in order to drive again.

A slightly distraught,
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