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Thumbs up The World Needs Conservation!

Ok everyone, we need to have a talk about conservation. I just bought a brand new book about conservation. Ive been reading it all day. I found some intresting facts while i was reading it. Here are a few:

* Every minute 50 acres of rainforest is destroyed across the world.
* By the years 2010 over 1,000,000 animals (insects included) will be exticnt.
* By the year 2010 there will only be a few patches of rainforest around the world.
*Every day more than 5,000 animals are killed from poching.

These are only a few! Do you see what i mean? Look at us! Look what we have done to animals! We need to do something about it! We need to save the endangered animals.....NO we need to save all of the animals that we possibly can! Can you just sit around and watch this happen? I CANT! And im going to do my best to help animals! While many people are focusing on rescuing one type of animals or selling them, we need to save all of them!

We have to get together about this topic. WE need to do something about it! Im trying to form an international program to conserve the earths plants and animals. Im thinking of calling it the W.W.C. which means World Wide Conservation. PLEASE email me ASAP, im trying to help the earths animals. PLEASE email me at: and i will send you all the information i can about our society, its free, i will email you as you like about our society, by emailing me you will become a WWC member and you will be a conserver of the planet! We need to do something! What do ya got to loose? Come on lets do something before its to late!

More information on the way!
Starting over...please dont reveal!
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