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Originally posted by Quinn,Matt
Real. I have also seen cats grown into mishaped bottles filled with fluid as if it was a fetus in utero. Disturbing as it may be, the practice and market of these bottled lives is very real.
Originally posted by claycoke11
Ohh it is very real many animal rights groups have been trying for the last couple yrs to end this fad. Its been big in asia for about 5 yrs. Its disgusting, inhuman and basically a slow murder for the cat. Its kinda like when the asian women wrapped their feet to make them smaller but the only difference is the cats died the woman was in pain.
Don't fall victim to the Urban Legend, the site is a hoax, the practice is a hoax... It is satire at its finest, enjoy it, it's funny!
Sleep soundly in knowing that nobody is making Bonsai animals.

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