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Hmmm... let's see...

Leopard Geckos:
1.1 hypo tangs
1.1 blizzard
0.1 blizzard het
0.1 patternless 66% het blizzard
0.1 lavendar circleback
0.1 rainbow
1.0 tang banded albino
0.1 yellow jungle albino
0.1 yellow banded albino
0.1 orange banded albino (MIA)
1.0 super hypo tang carrot tail
0.1 hypo striped carrot tail cross
and soon to have:
0.1 super hypo carrot tail
0.1 orange banded albino

0.1 crested gecko

1.1 cats

90 gallon saltwater reef tank
27 gallon hex saltwater reef tank
25 gallon freshwater tank

Ummm... I think that covers everything Everything but the fish is coming with me when I move out to Victoria next month -- it should definitely be interesting!

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