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People are horrible. One guy in my geograpghy class today when i metioned i had a snake, he told me ( in a rather proud tone) that when he was younger that he had a red eared slider and had a good cage for it and all but then when he picked it up he thought it was too cold and put it in the microwave to warm it up, the poor turtle was cooked to death. His parents didn;t even try and stop him some people are so arrogent. I also know a person who kept his red eared slider in a 10 gal tank and rarly cleaned it with no filter and then when i told him to take better care of it or let me find it a better home he gave it away to a person without a tank who was gonna let it wander around his house some people are disgusting. when i told him that they need a large tank with filters and so on he said the turtle will be fine qoute "its not like they have feelings anyways" end qoute :S disgusting *shakes head*

sorry to rant but i hate when people think of animals of mere possesions rather than living beings.
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