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I am so sorry for your Sav. I'll keep you in my thoguhts.

I recently had a similar experience. My husband works w/ a guy who wanted to get rid of his dog. They wouldn't let us take him until we found a home. They said it was too stressful. They told us that he was healthy and had his shots updated etc. Well, They sent me a picture and I found a home for him. They live close, so the night before we were to drive him to his new home, we asked if we could come and see him. Just give him some treats and get a little used to us. We had to drive a few hours to meet the new owner.

Well, he was in bad condition. Smelled really bad, matted etc. I asked if he could come home w/ us so that I could groom him and they said no!!!! Well, when we went to pick him up in the morning, I could see that he was worse than I thought. The lights were dim and we couldn't really get a good look at him. When he saw me, he was so excited and dribbled on the floor. The urine was a mahogony colour. The woman goes, oh, I don't know why hid urine is so dark. Anyhow, we got into the car and gave him a full bottle of water. He almost drank the whole thing. I think that they were restricting his water so that they wouldn't have to take him out often. Anyhow, we stopped a lot so he could pee and kept straining. The new owner told me today that there was blood in his urine. I also checked him over in the car and his teeth are rotted. His tummy was also sensitive. If I touched the right side, he would growl. They had also said that he was well socailized and got along well with other dogs. Well the new owner contacted me to tell me about how he was doing and he is absolutely terrified of her other dogs.

I just don't understand how someone could make an animal suffer. The prvious owner have a beautiful, immaculate home, money, new car etc. How could they do this to him? We knew them as aquaintances and they seemed like nice people. Now my husband doesn't know how he is going to work in peace with this guy now.

Ugh. Sorry for my rant, I am also very upset.
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