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I think its horrible...

Hi, i recently took in an abused animal and it makes me sick too think somebody would willingly let an animal under there care get too such a horrible condition, when they even have the stuff too treat it, The worst part is this guy owns a Perfictly healthy Nile monitor , but didnt want the savana that he had, so from the looks off it he was just letting it die off, when i got it yesturday it hadnt eaten in over a month, its SEVERLY dehydrated, has mouth rot which he was somewhat treating, and has sores on its stomach some of whch asround the anal area have spread too his legs very sever, what maekes me mad is he gave me a bottle of Bridine with the lizard why would he not have washed those infections before they becamew serious, ?? im doing my best too turn this old guy around, just becaus i hate too see an animal that must have had a good home before this guy because its 9, but he ended up withit some how for the past few months , and its almost dead, with any luck i can bring this thing back and let it live out its life with good health, but it just drives me insane too know people do this too animals, even putting the thing down as much as i hate too say it, would be better then just letting the thing die and suffer, all becaus eri think he just didnt want it, any way thats my rant on the guy ,, there are detailed lists of thats wrong wiuth him in the varanid forum,
sorry this is so long just had too get my rant out there,
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