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Question Favourite Arboreal Snake?

Well, I'm in the midst of designing my new enclosures with my aunt (I'm carpentry idiotic). And since I'm already thinking of getting a Cham, I'm thinking, to make my setup look even, have two arboreal enclosures, one on each side.

Problem is, I'm arboreal snake idiotic as well as carpentry idiotic. I'm not even sure what kind of arboreal snake I'd want.

My general specifications are:
-I generally prefer Boids to Colubrids
-I prefer handlability (even though GTP's are looking very intriguing)
-I have no color preference
-For size, anything that eats mice or rats is fine. Nothing that needs something larger than jumbo rats.

I'm open to all suggestions. Every suggestion I get I'll be looking at care sheets, etc. Even if you have a colubrid in mind, I just said that I GENERALLY prefer boids. Some colubrids are very awesome.

So yeah, suggest away

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