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I can not say enough good things about brazilians. Both of mine as juvenile are some of the best snakes I have ever owned.
Neither of them are head shy. Neither of them are very moody. Even when they are in shed they both tend to be good feeders and I've never been nipped in any fashion by eather of them.
They seem to very much relish in staying with me when I have them out of the cage. They get active and want to explore of course but usually end up settling around one of my arms and stay there for several hours at a time. I can be almost assured they recognize me since neither of them try to run from me when I dig them out of their hides but when my friends want to see them they are very cautious but still very relaxed. I've never seen a snake that is so friendly and relaxed really. I'm sure there are more of different breeds of snakes that may share the same qualitys but with my experience I've never owned a more personable snake. After seeing my friends brazilian I've decided that brazilians were the snake for me.

And as far as special requirements go I think keeping humidty high is the easiest thing using just the Fish tank air stone, air pump and a water dish.

Over all I personally recommend brazilians as a starter snake if your familiar with keeping reptiles. If you have never owned a reptile before then I might suggest something like a Colubrid.

They really are not as hard to keep as people say they are.
Snakes? I just like to teraform!

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