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To disinfect surfaces, generously apply the solution to the surface with a saturated cloth, sponge or spray bottle, or let the object soak in a container of the solution. Let the solution sit for at least 10 minutes; 15-20 minutes is better. To sterilize, let the solution sit for at least one-half hour (be sure to check the manufacturer's directions to see if a stronger solution is necessary for sterilization). Rinse out thoroughly, especially when using bleach or ammonia. If there is any doubt about your ability to thoroughly rinse out an enclosure, or the enclosure is made of wood, you may wish to think twice about using bleach or ammonia. Any residual of these substances left in the tank can cause severe, if not fatal, problems for your animals. Both substances produce strong fumes which can cause internal and external irritations. (Simple Green's aroma is artificial sarsaparilla and is not toxic to reptiles; no information has been found in reference to its use in amphibian enclosures.)
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