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You should all NO!

I replyed to a post on Rep Rescue tonight and I felt so bad for the reptiles i went to look at. That i ended up BUYING! them just to give them a chance. All together i got 1, Small colombian red tail
1, 6' Male colombian Boa 1, Male Blue tounge skink.

Now for the problems that i have seen and am now trying to help get better.

Small red tail/ very dry skin on her head so bad she can not hold her head leavel She was in a small jewel pouch and eye cap's

Male colombian/ Live in a pillow case Mouth rot eye cap's dry skin so bad that it has coverd every opening on his face and is now so swollen he can not even shut his mouth.

Blue tounge/ Alot of red around his mouth cut nose and was living in a rubber-maid the size of a shoe box. With shaveings and no water.

Also i would like to ad that when i got to this person's house They went out to the back pourch (OUT SIDE!) and brought the herps in. they were so cold and life less and i felt so bad that i had to try to help them. So tonight it has cost me $340.00 to try to save some of these herps. I will post some pic's ASAP

This person still has alot for sale on reptile rescue And maybe on this site as well So if you would all like to be safe then sorry PM me and i will let you no this persons name.


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