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I got this in my email a few days ago, and thought it might be of interest to some of you. I didn't really go through the whole issue yet because I havn't had time, but I figured I should post it here. It's basically about shipping reptiles and how some herpers are trying to make it better.
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This email is being sent to all registered members of Please excuse the intrusion if you already know of this issue presented here, or it simply does not apply to you.

If you have not been to the site lately, there is an issue coming to a head in the BOI concerning our shipping headaches that I would like your participation in. Firstly, there is a poll I have started to try to get a feel for the method that people are now using to ship snakes in particular, and reptiles in general:

This information is needed for a couple of different reasons, not the least of which is to have to offer the shipping companies as concrete numbers of how much our business, as a block, could be worth to them. Secondly, the three main shippers are highly competitive, and are probably not even aware of the fact that if ONE of those shipping companies offers US a significant advantage of a legitimate way to ship our live harmless snakes, it may very well mean a substantial loss of revenue for those companies that do not follow suit as well.

There is a second thread on the BOI, that I started that is very hard lined about this issue, and I am basically inferring that it is time to take the gloves off and get serious about the shipping companies infringing on our combined legal rights to do business. Part of this business involves being able to get our products to our customers in the same manner that nearly all other industries are able to do so via the door-to-door shipping companies. Being discriminated against simply because we like and work with HARMLESS reptiles is damaging to all of us doing business this way, and we really should not be just laying down and accepting this sort of treatment without fighting back. Simply because some upper management figure in a company does not personally LIKE snakes is not sufficient reason to discriminate against an entire industry.

This thread is located at:

What is of particular interest in this thread is that there has come to light that apparently FedEx has done a turnabout in respect to their policy concerning shipping live snakes, and quite possibly Airborne Express, since merging with DHL, has as well. This can be a significant improvement for our entire industry, and I strongly urge you to check into this and show via the force of numbers, what sort of business potential we have to offer a shipping company if they do indeed become "friendly" to our specific needs.

So please, help take part in this. I personally believe that this is of major importance to our industry as a whole, and we have an opportunity RIGHT NOW to make an impact that could be far reaching and greatly improve the business prospects of all of us. But WE NEED NUMBERS! Even if you only ship occasionally, or else would like to sometime in the near future, GET ON THE BANDWAGON WITH THIS!

So please, stop in, check this out, and PARTICIPATE! We NEED the numbers to show the shipping companies what this is worth to them.

Thank you,

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Let me know if this thread should be moved to another forum.
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