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Toronto Car Show (lots of pics!)

I went to the car show yesterday and i was stunned by the new cars that are comming out in about 2005. There is this mistubishi comming out that you would think is only a concept car but the lady said it was comming for sale in 2005. Ive never seen such an amazing car in my life.

There was also this cadilac, that most likely will never be for sale, and just the hood was un-believable. It opens sideways on both sides...just insane, what these engineers think up!

and here are just some other pics i took that i thought id share

two lamborghini's

ford's thunderbird..this baby goes over 300 km/h!!! 0-60mph in 2.2 seconds!!!!!!! pure insanity, its loaded with a viper engine

some crazy toyota concept vehicle

if your in toronto, you should go an check it out
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