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So true it hurts!

Live off Ramen noodles and forego luxuries like furniture that matches or curtains to support the herp addiction with whatever (legal) income you may have.
That for me is the most terrible terrible thing. If it weren't for these damnable snakes we'd have matching curtains, a leather couch, a home entertainment centre. It comes to the poin t where you go, ok, I got money, what do I buy? Course, you gotta get rodents first, and don't it seem like you always have a herp debt?!

I hate snakes, those things just eat and sleep and poop and I spend my time worrying about them eating, if they're hot/cool enough, budgetting my last dollar to purchase food. Argh! Well at least I get my utility bills paid, and I did buy myself a skirt for V-day.
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