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The new facility will allow us to triple our vendor space. It offers us an amphitheatre area that seats over 300 for special guest speakers. With over 250 parking spaces there hopefully will be no issues with parking. The west of the facility is a large solarium which allows ample natural light in to allow all vendors and attendees the opportunity to really show off some of their respective reptiles and products.

Each show will host some great speakers including some fabulous keepers for the US and Canada. Many new events will be taking place at each event. Each date will sponsor one or two reptile related causes by assisting in the fundraising for that specific cause.

This is an exciting time for the Reptile Expo and we hope that all of the supporters that have supported the event over the years will continue to do so at the new facility.
And you are right Meow, the next show on April 18, 2004 will be the debut of the new facility.
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