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Interesting posts!

It seems like every so often these activists pop up with another "initiative" - frankly, I don't even listen them anymore. They've been trying for years, and have not really been able to do anything. They really don't have any credibiltiy when it comes down to it.

The reptile industry is HUGE in the U.S. and is growing by leaps and bounds in Canada. These groups will NOT be able to shut down an entire industry - politicians will realize that too many folks depend on the industry for a living.

And, I'm going to take a view on wild-caught herps which may make me unpopular, but here goes...

Let's face it, most of our wild-caught herps come from "economically depressed" countries, where the money that an indigenous collector makes may be his only income. I don't want to take that away from someone, and I don't think they'd like it taken from them.
I think that perhaps there should be guidelines and studies done to manage the wild populations as sustainable resources, to a certain point. Let's not forget the "human factor".

Just my two cent's worth...
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