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Glad to hear it was great Maybe I will wait till the fall show to go -- I probably won't be in a hurry, I doubt that I'll be buying anything (I have no idea where I'm going to put everything as it is when I get out there!)... more just for the experience. Ok, I should just admit it -- I probably WILL come home with something *laughs*. I don't think that I've ever gone to a show and NOT come home with something... and I'm sure it'll be even harder to resist after taking such a long trip to get there

Yeah -- I think that all the snakes that I like are $150-250... plus I'll probably end up having to pay shipping. But... we'll see
I'm a lizard person too... I always said that if there was one thing that you didn't have to worry about me bringing home, it was a snake ... well, that, or a tarantula *shudders* And now look what's happened... I blame it all on!! You've corrupted me... hehe... And since it's all your fault, I think that you should pay for my new snake *grin*...
What? *innocent look*... I think it's a good plan!

Ooo... I like the Anthill Pythons too... I think I saw some on Henry Piorun's site... they looked cool Far out of my price range though... $1500 each I think. Ouches...

I think -- unless something else comes up that I like -- I'll probably get either a ball python, a brazilian rainbow boa, or an irian jaya carpet python. I don't know, maybe the colubrids will grow on me a little more... I'm waiting for those books from the library to come so I can bring all 23 of them home and read through them... hehe God help anybody else who wants to borrow books on snakes right now, cuz I think I stole all of them

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