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The show was great! Met up with a few people I know and had some fun chatting, and looking around was great. I would suggest though, if you're moving to Victoria, to wait for the fall show. Unless you can make it to both. The fall shows tend to offer a lot more in terms of animals.

I know what you mean about the head shape. I'm the same way...but unfortunately the ones I want are out of my price range with tuition being an issue now. (Anthill pythons). But after seeing a few, and handling a few...I pretty much couldn't help it! I think it's worth a shot. Males especially stay small...and they're quite inexpensive. Maybe see if you can find some locally to have a good look at...

I mean, I'm a lizard person. And slowly these snakes are growing on me...(rather like Star Trek (any of them) which my brother and dad would watch all day every day if they could.)
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